India Capable to Build Nuke Deterrence upto 200 Kilotons: Kakodkar

Dismissing doubts expressed about the efficacy of the hydrogen bomb test in 1998, Atomic Energy Commission chairman Anil Kakodkar has said that scientists have attained success in building deterrence capability of upto 200 kilotons.

“Once again I would like to re-emphasise that the 1998 nuclear tests were fully successful. We had achieved all the objectives in toto,” Kakodkar said in a press conference in Mumbai.

He said that the test gave India the capability to build deterrence based on both fission and thermonuclear weapon systems from modest to all the way upto 200 kilotons.

Kakodkar, who was Director of the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre in 1998, termed as “unnecessary” the controversy over the Pokhran-II nuclear tests triggered after claims by a former DRDO scientist that the hydrogen bomb experiment was a failure.

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