Debate on Liberhan Report Begins in LS, CPI Raps BJP

As debate on Liberhan Commission report begins in Lok Sabha, CPI MP Gurudas Dasgupta has that the demolition of disputed Babri structure on December 1992 was ‘meticulous planned’ and it could have been prevented.

“I am ashamed to say that the demolition was a result of a meticulous planning,” said Dasgupta. “Why the disaster could not be prevented? Why the criminals could not be held in jail? Why did the political system fail?”

The CPI leader claimed that senior BJP leader LK Advani, who has been held guilty in the Liberhan report, had said in a Parliament debate in 1992 that he didn’t want Babri structure to be demolished but wanted to shift it and build a Ram temple there.

It may be mentioned that the debate on the report commenced in Lok Sabha after nation observed the 17th anniversary of demolition of disputed Babri structure.

The commission has not recommended any punitive action against guilty but called for a law to punish people using religion for political ends.

In the reports, 68 people have been indicted for demolition of the disputed structure on December 6, 1992 in Ayodhya.

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