After Rape Case, Russia Threaten to Issue Advisory against Visiting Goa

Following an alleged rape of a nine-year-old Russian girl at the Arambol beach in Goa, a diplomatic row is taking shape with Russia threatening to issue an advisory to its citizens against travelling to Goa, reported CNN-IBN.

According to victim’s mother, the two persons who allegedly raped her was Indians, said report.

“I was sitting at the beach and my daughter was swimming. I saw a man swimming with her. An unknown man came and sat next to me and started talking. But I could not understand the language. After sometime I saw my daughter crying and coming out of the sea. She said the man molested her,” victim’s mother Victoria Samodalkina was quoted as saying.

Vikram Verma, lawyer for victim, said that such cases were a cause of concern, said report.

“A detailed statement in Russian has been provided by the victim’s mother to the Russian Consulate and the Russian Embassy. They are monitoring the situation. It is a great level of security concern for Russian citizens,” Verma was quoted as saying.

A report on the rape has also been submitted to the Russian Consulate in Mumbai, report said.

The National Commission for Child Rights and the Tourism Ministry have already raised concerns with the state government about the safety of women tourists.

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