Abducted Cop Dutta will Be Released: Maoist

Maoist leader Kishenji has said that abducted police officer Atindranath Dutta will be set free as the women held by security forces from Lalgarh were granted bail today.

Media reports quoted him as saying, “Atindranath Dutta, who was taken as a Prisoner of War on Tuesday from Sankrail police station, will be released.”

In response to a query whether the government has agreed to accept their demand of releasing the women, Kishenji said that court today took up bail applications of 15 women altogether.

“They have got the bail. After they come back, we will release the officer-in-charge,” he said.

Responding to another question if it was proposed by the government, the leader said from an undisclosed location, “I cannot say whether they were released following government’s instruction, but coincidentally today was their date for appearance at the court and their bail application was granted.”

Besides, Kishenji did not reveal whether anybody from government side turned up for negotiation.

“Right now, I cannot disclose anything more,” he said.

Assuring the family of Dutta, Kishenji said, “I assure that he will be released. The Maoists never kill ‘Prisoners of War’.”

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