UN Hostage – Solecki Safe, Say Captors

The Baloch Liberation United Front, responsible for abducting John Solecki, a US national working for the UNHCR in Quetta – Pakistan, denied outright reports of threats regarding killing of kidnapped UN official, Say reports appearing in the Pakistani media on Tuesday.

Serious aspersions were cast over Solecki’s safety on Monday after an unidentified caller, on telephone, told the Quetta Press Club that the kidnapped official US national would be killed by his captors in two hours time.

The Press club official who spoke to the caller said, the anonymous person mumbled something about demands before disconnecting the line.

Less than two hours later, BLUF spokesman Shyhuq Baloch, speaking to correspondents via satellite phone rubbished the reports.

‘Such reports are merely a stupid joke and some one is using our name to spread rumours,’ said Baloch.

“He is alive,” said Balocjh in a call to Pakistan’s Online news agency. “We have not made any call.”

Speaking of Solecki’s condition, Baloch said, “He is sick and suffering from heart and kidney problems. We are giving him medical treatment.”

In a videotape message released earlier this month, Solecki had complained of failing health.

The BLUF threatens to kill Solecki unless the United Nations acts on its demands.

Baloch said that the group was considering a UN request to open communications through an intermediary.

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