Next Bill Gates Likely from India or China: US Survey

A new US survey has revealed that a considerable number of Americans believe that the one of the two Asia gians – India or China – will produce the next Bill Gates, for they are fast marching ahead on the global platform.

“When asked where the ‘next Bill Gates will come from,’ 40 per cent of Americans predicted either India or China,” said a national survey.

The findings of the survey, conducted by Zogby International, were released by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) on the sidelines of the world’s largest consumer technology tradeshow at Las Vegas.

The survey said that a big majority of Americans, nearly 96 per cent, believe that innovation was key to the future success of the US as a world economic leader but they fear the soaring federal deficit would jeopardize prosperity of future generations.

Around 68 per cent of Americans think, the survey went on to say, that innovation was key to the future success of their place of employment, while 50 per cent maintain that innovation was important for their job remaining in the US.

Following report of the World Economic Forum that the US has lost its global competitiveness ranking while India, China and Brazil have gained, 74 per cent of Americans said that it was unlikely that the US would regain its status next year.

The survey said that innovation was the most important factor in seeking US competitiveness according to 44 per cent Americans.

According to the survey, nearly 60 per cent Americans agreed that the rising national deficit would have a ‘major impact’ on the prosperity of future generations.

But when it comes to reducing the deficit, they were largely split on three issues: discontinuing corporate bailouts (23 per cent), reducing military spending (20 per cent), and relying on the free market to correct the imbalance (31 per cent).

Nearly 60 per cent of the respondents said that they were concerned that current path being taken by Congress would be detrimental to medical innovation.

Tensions seemed to run high: nearly half of them said that they were ‘very concerned’, the survey said.

The Zogby survey was conducted between November 20 and 23, with a sample size of 3,779 US adults over the age of 18.

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