More than 15, Mousavi Nephew Killed in Tehran Clashes

Over 15 people have been killed in riots which rocked Irani capital of Tehran, of whom more than 10 were members of ‘anti-revolutionary terrorist’ groups, reported state television.

The report, which did not elaborate the incidence, said that remaining five were killed during fierce clashes in Tehran on Sunday by ‘terrorist groups’.

“In a suspicious act, five people were killed by terrorist groups and the ministry of intelligence announced that more than 10 of the known members of anti-revolutionary terrorist groups were killed,” the state television website said.

According to Iranian reformist website, a nephew of opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi was killed by security forces.

Police has confirmed that five people died during the massive anti-government rallies in Tehran.

The Rahesabz website reported that an important opposition leader Ebrahim Yazdi, who served as foreign minister at the start of the 1979 Islamic revolution, has been arrested at his home.

The website said: “Yazdi, secretary general of the outlawed but tolerated Iran Freedom Movement, was arrested at home and taken to an unknown place early Monday morning by security agents.”

“He was summoned to an intelligence ministry office (last) Monday but did not go,” it added, without elaborating.

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