Killer Whale Strikes: Pulls Trainer to Death at Florida Theme Park

Dawn Brancheau – a professional trainer at the renowned ‘SeaWorld’ theme park in Orlando, Florida – was dragged to an underwater death by a killer whale (Orcinus orca), when she was playing with it from a poolside platform on Wednesday, say reports.

According to reports, the 6 tonne sea animal snatched Brancheau with its jaws and dragged her underwater, where she died.

Not considered threat to humans, captive killer whales are known to have attacked and killed their handlers at marine theme parks in the past.

According to a BBC report, there have been 24 attacks by captive orcas on people.

Although, this is the third death linked to this particular orca, reports say that the killer whale in question (Tilikum) will not be put down.

(Internet pic showing Dawn Brancheau performing in 2005)

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