Israeli Air Force Attacks Smuggling Tunnel in Gaza Strip

A day after a rocket strike by Palestinian militants in the southern city of Ashkelon, the Israel Air Force targeted a smuggling tunnel in the Gaza strip before dawn on Monday, said media reports.

According to reports, the Israel Defense Forces confirmed a direct hit on its target.

The firing of Qassam rocket on Sunday by Palestinian militants, in which no one was killed, followed a strike three days ago in which a Thai worker was killed in the northern Negev in Israel.

Over the weekend, four rockets were fired targeting communities in the Negev, following attacks in previous week in which 12 rockets and mortar shells hit the region.

Also, the Color Red rocket alert was sounded a number of times on Saturday, which forced people to stay in protected areas.

Since last January when Israel concluded its offensive on the Gaza strip, over 400 rockets and mortar shells were fired at southern Israel.

(Based on media reports)

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