Iran to Retaliate against Any Military Strike

Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said that his country would avenge against any possible military attack.

In a military parade in Tehran commemorating the beginning of the Iraq-Iran war, Ahmadinejad said that Iran would “cut the hand of anyone” who dared to attack it.

The comments of the president are significant in the wake of Israel’s remarks yesterday that it had not ruled out any options regarding Iran’s nuclear programme.

It should be noted that the parade was spoiled by reports that an aircraft participating in the parade had crashed south of Tehran, killing seven.

Ahmadinejad criticized the presence of foreign forces in the region and admired the power of Iran’s armed forces.

“No power will think of launching aggression against Iran. Today Iran is experienced and powerful,” he said.

New York Visit

Ahmadinejad would attend the UN General Assembly in New York on Wednesday where he is most likely to be come under strong pressure over Iran’s nuclear programme.

It may be mentioned that Tehran has maintained that its nuclear development is meant for civilian purposes and denied that it is attempting to build nuclear weapons.
Six world powers that are expected to cover global nuclear disarmament are scheduled to hold talks with Iran on October 1.

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