Indian Cabbie Attacked, Australian Attacker Sentenced to Three-Month Imprisonment

For racially abusing and assaulting an Indian taxi driver in the Victorian city of Ballarat, an Australian has been sentenced to three months prison in what is a very swift action, said reports.

Paul John Brogden, 48, from Western Victoria, had attacked a 24-year-old taxi driver and was arrested this morning and was sentenced after he pleaded guilty, reported PTI.

Report said that Brogden boarded taxi of Satheesh Thatipamula, and abused and assaulted and damaged his vehicle, for he believed the driver had taken him the wrong way.

“When you me off I will kill you, you mother f**king Indian, I will kill you, you f**king Indian bastard,” he allegedly told the Indian. The driver, however, did not receive any major injuries.

Thatipamula sought refuge at a Ballarat service station at about 2.15 am, report said.

The passenger followed the driver into the service station and allegedly assaulted him, AAP quoted a police spokeswoman as saying.

Brogden’s lawyer, Philip Lynch, said that he had consumed so much alcohol he could not remember the events of the night.

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