Hospital Struggles to Tackle Piling Quake Victims; International Aide Reaches Haiti

After Tuesday’s catastrophic earthquake, hospitals in Haiti are struggling to tackle a sea of injured as bodies pile up in severely damaged areas, said reports, adding that in response to the crisis, international aid is streaming into the Haitian capital Port-au-Prince.

Voice of America reported that injured people are continually arriving at hospitals in Port-au-Prince, where medical teams are working to care for the large numbers affected by the quake.

Several patients with bandaged arms and hands sat in the grass in front of the hospital.  Across the yard, several dozen bodies were laid out, covered in sheets or placed in the back of pick-up trucks, the report said.

Report said that as a result of widespread power failure, a huge part of the capital remained in the darkness.

The majority of buildings in one neighborhood seemed to be intact, but other structures were totally destroyed. A line of bodies filled the sidewalk in front of a large police station that was razed down in the quake.

In the meanwhile, a stream of cargo plains, carrying international rescue teams and supplies from the US, Brazil, Iceland and other countries arrived the airport, said report.

Report said that an American military plane unloaded a team of Air Force soldiers from Florida, while a Coast Guard plane loaded a group of US teens on an evacuation flight.

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