China warns Indian Governement and Media on border dispute

New Delhi: In the wake of border dispute with India, China has slammed the Indian government, Opposition and media.
Stating that Indian media has continuously created trouble for the Sino-Indian relationship, the newspaper said, “Indian government has remained silent and ambiguous, even as Opposition and media reporting that Chinese soldiers intruded on Indian-claimed territory and erected tents inside Indian borders.”

According to the daily, the reality is that that communication over border issues between China and India has usually been smooth Officials from both sides speak highly about the peaceful state of border areas.

Referring to a report in the Indian media about Chinese bloggers’ hostile comments calling for teaching a lesson to India, it said such “nonsense will influence mainstream society”. The editorial advised Indian media to be patient and let the issue resolved through diplomatic channels. “Troops from both sides patrol around their claimed border lines, but both try to avoid causing any real frictions,” it said.

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