112 Killed, 197 Wounded as Four Car Bombs Explode in Baghdad

In four bombings occurred in quick succession this morning, at least 112 people were killed and nearly 197 wounded in Baghdad, reported Iraqi television.

The bombs exploded at different locations across the city and were intense enough to shake buildings situated ten miles away.

Since August, this is the third multi-car bomb attack in Baghdad, all targeting government buildings.

In previous two attacks, however, two car bombs were used and the latest occurs two days after the Iraqi Parliament voted through new laws that paved the way for new elections in February or March.

Today, one car bomb is reported to have aimed a training academy for judges near the Al-Nidaa mosque in north-eastern Baghdad. Reports also said that an explosion occurred near Ministry of Interior.

According to Baghdad hospitals report, dozens of casualties were taken there. Police said that Al-Waziriya, a part of northern Baghdad, has been cordoned off in the hunt for the suspected ringleaders.

The blast took place at 10.25 am local time and the rest followed soon after. Sporadic gunfire then sounded and the sirens of emergency vehicles were also heard.

It may be mentioned that violence across Iraq dropped dramatically last month, with the lowest number of deaths in attacks since the US invaded Iraq in 2003. Official figures showed a total of 122 people were killed in November.

However the Baghdad Government and the US military have warned of a rise in attacks in the run up to a general election expected to take place in February.

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