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10 more peoples killed by defectors Syria

Syrian army defectors killed at least 10 soldiers in a fight in the town of Idlib said a right activist. The numbers of refugees were growing. Syrian army is planting landmines near the borders with Lebanon and Turkey, route which is used by families for fleeing, said Human right activist. “At least 10 Syrian soldiers have been killed by army defectors in the northern town of Idlib,” said Rami Abdelrahman, head of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. He added, “They were killed during an early morning ambush on aRead More

No government in the world would kill its people: Assad

WASHINGTON: Assad said in an interview with ABC News earlier that no government in the world would kill its people “unless it’s led by a crazy person” and said he did not “own” the security forces carrying out the violence. But on Wednesday the White House said Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s claims that he did not order the killing of thousands of protesters were “not credible.” The White House said Assad’s claims however were “not credible.” White House spokesman Jay Carney said, “The United States and many other nations aroundRead More

Issue of removing ban on oil imports

SYRIA: The Government is under pressure from Labour to drop its opposition to a European Union ban on oil imports from Syria. Following the co-ordinated call by western leaders for President Bashar al-Assad to stand down, the EU will this week discuss extending sanctions against the regime. However Foreign Office minister Alistair Burt played down suggestions that the EU could follow the lead given by US President Barack Obama in banning Syrian oil imports. He stressed that any new sanctions should target the regime and its supporters without hurting theRead More

At least 18 Syrian protesters killed on Friday

AMMAN (Reuters): In an attack by Syrian security forces on tens of thousands of protesters demonstrating against the rule of President Bashar al-Assad killed at least 18 civilians on the very first Friday of Ramadan, said activists. A six-day tank assault on the central city of Hama to crush pro-democracy demonstrations there has killed at least 300 civilians, the Local Coordination Committees, an activists’ group, said, citing refugees from the assault. The Syrian Revolution Coordinating Union and the Local Coordination Committees, two main activists’ groups, said Assad’s forces shot deadRead More

Thirteen killed in Syria in a protest against Bashar Al-Assad

RASTAN: On Thursday Syrian forces killed at least 13 civilians in the town of Rastan in one of the most ferocious military assaults to crush dissent against President Bashar al-Assad’s rule. The human rights campaigners said, the killings raise the death toll from attacks by tanks backed by troops that encircled several towns and villages in the central province of Homs this week to at least 56 civilians, they added. “These are killings we documented, but the real numbers are definitely more. To those who want retribution I say: thisRead More