For taking care of environment safety issues, various government organizations with different functions are operational in Bhopal. They include Environmental Planning and Coordination Organisation (EPCO), Madhya Pradesh Pollution Control Board, Lake Conservation Authority etc.

EPCO is one of the first organizations to foresee the importance of conducting advanced studies on environmental impact assessment and environmental conservation. By undertaking pioneering work in EIA’s and environmental conservation it prepared the State to address the environmental concerns that were emerging nationally and globally.

Detail of ongoing projects and completed projects EPCO undertook in Bhopal is as follows:

Tourist complex

Tourist Reception Centre

  1. Burhanpur
  2. Neemuch
  3. Marble Rocks, Bhedaghat
  4. Extension of
  5. Hotel Palash
  6. Extension of Sanchi Lodge
  7. Water Sports facility, Bergi
  8. Sports & Recreation Centre
  9. Conference Hall Kshipra Hotel
  10. Conference Hall Shivpuri
  1. Bhedaghat
  2. Bhopal
  3. Mukki

National Level Archaeology Museum, Bhopal

Client Commissioner Archaeology,Archives & Museums
Cost 12.77 Crores
Status Under construction

Regional Sports Centre of SAI at Bhopal

Client M.P. PWD
Cost 11.0 Crores
Status Under construction

Interior Designing

Cost 16 lakhs
Status Complete

Conservation of Historical Monuments

  1. Documentation of Rani Mahal, Islam Nagar
  2. Documentation of Moti Mahal, Ram Nagar,Mandla

Minto Hall

National level two stage Competition for selection of Architect for “Development of Minto Hall Heritage Campus,Bhopal,as Convention Centre”.

The Challenge
The challenge is sensitive adaptation of the heritage building of Minto Hall as Convention Centre in a way that the significance and its value, its compound and its environs are maintained. It is expected that while doing the modifications for the new use, Minto Hall should retain its old aura and grandeur.

Externally Aided Projects

  1. EPCO-DFID Project for Organizational Strengthening
  2. “Rainwa” CIDA supported Project on Rain Water Harvesting Interpretation Centre

EPCO has some international projects too. They include District Poverty Initiatives Project (Sponsored by World Bank), Conservation & Management of Bhoj Wetland (Sponsored by JBIC- Japan) and Environmental Impact Assessment Studies.
Other major projects of the department are hereunder:

  1. Environmental Status Report (ESR): It is a basic resource document for Madhya Pradesh and outlines critical areas which require priority attention and suggests sound strategies for sustainable development. First ESR was published in 1987. Second and Third ESR in English and Hindi have been brought out in 1991 and 1996, respectively. The Fourth ESR has been brought out in digital orm (CD) in 2000.
  1. Environmental Appraisal Report (EAR): Government of Madhya Pradesh has entrusted EPCO to examine the proposals for siting of highly polluting industries in Madhya Pradesh. Since 1984, it has prepared more than 300 Environmental Appraisal Reports (EAR).
  1. Zoning Atlas for Siting of Industries: A model study of Zoning Atlas for siting of industries for Chhindwara district has been done with financial and technical support of Central Pollution Control Board and German Technical Corporation. The Zoning Atlas is to be prepared for all the districts of the State. Presently Zoning Atlas for Sagar and Raipur districts are being prepared.
  1. Biosphere Reserves: EPCO has identified eight potential biosphere reserves in the State. Project document on Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve which provides information on resource base, bio-diversity, biotic pressures, etc., has been prepared. Study for other potential areas are underway.
  1. Research Projects: EPCO, after identifying the environmental pressure areas and pressure points in Madhya Pradesh, is pursuing research studies on the specific problems. So far 15 studies have been completed.
  1. Conservation and Management of Lakes under National lake Conservation Programme: Project documents for the conservation and management of 23 major water bodies of the state have been prepared.
  1. Training and Awareness Programmes

a) Training programmes: So far more than 50 technical training programmes on environmental policy, regulation pollution control and environmental protection and management have been organized.

b) Awareness Programmes: EPCO attempts to inculcate environmental conciousness in various sections of society through activities like Eco-camp, Seminars, Quiz, Competitions, Symposia, media releases and films during World Environment Day, Earth Day, Pollution Control Day, Ozone Layer Protection Day, etc.

  1. Programmes of MOEF: EPCO is a Regional Resource Agency for National Environmental Awareness Campaign (since 1994) and the Nodal Agency for National Green Corps in Madhya Pradesh.
  1. Madhya Pradesh State Environment Policy: State Environment Policy having major objective to ensure sustainable development through integrated conservation and upgradation of environment has been prepared by EPCO and adopted by State Govt. in 1990.
  2. Environmental/Urban Planning and Design: EPCO also strives to attain a better environment for human living though environmentally conscious micro level planning and design. So far about 400 projects have been undertaken.

Other Major Projects undertaken are:

  • Bhoj Wetland Project
  • Waste water recycling projects
  • Reclaimation of wasteland & Mined out areas.
  • Biosphere Reserves.
  • Zoning Atlas.
  • Socio-economic and Ecological studies.
  • Training, Awareness & Environmental Information.
  • Awareness Programme.
  • Preparation of Educational Material

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