Indore is the largest city in Madhya Pradesh. It is one of the fastest-growing economic regions in India. Its proximity to the Gujarat – Mumbai grid is a major factor behind its huge economic potential.

Indore, the commercial nerve centre of Madhya Pradesh is popularly known as mini-Bombay in the region, a moniker that attempts to project the proximity of Indore lifestyle to that of its better known counterpart, named after the ancient Indreshwar temple, Indore was founded by the Jagirdars (landlords) of Malwa, however the Holkar dynasty is accepted to be the founder of modern day Indore.

The city is built along two rivulets that unite at the 18th century Sangamnath temple, as if in tribute to the enshrined deities, taking a cue from the union of the

rivulets,this fast growing city is a melting pot of cultures as it attracts some of the best talent in the region and the country.

Your stay in Indore offers you the best of both the worlds as you could walk through the bustling rajwada, which offers you an opportunity to bargain and devour the architectural splendour of the structure and nibble at the many savories that the city is famous for or stroll across the many malls that have sprung up to cater to the fast changing needs of the young tech savvy breed of professionals that have moved to the city in search of greener pastures.

Romance and hospitality are an integral part of the Malwa region, many poets and travelers have written about Shab-e-Malwa (the evening of Malwa) which with its pleasant breeze brings respite even during the harsh summers, come dusk, the city comes alive with cultural events that cover the entire spectrum and cater to both the conservative and the avant-garde.

A host of watering holes and eateries that dot the city gratify every conceivable palate and pocket.

Must see places: Central Museum, Gomatgiri, Kanch Mandir, Khajrana, Town Hall , Bada Ganpati,  Lal Bagh Palace Gita Bhavan, Chhatris, Annapurna, Kasturbagra, Bijasen Tekri.

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