Maheshwar was a glorious city at the dawn of Indian civilization when it was Mahishmati, capital of king Kartivarjun. This temple town on the banks of the river Narmada finds mention in the epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Situated on the banks of the Narmada River, Maheshwar was the capital of King Kartivarjun. This ancient city, also renowned as Mahishmati in olden times, finds relevance in the epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata. The city regained its past glory and charm under the shelter of the Holkar Queen of Indore, Rani Ahilyabai. Now, it is known for its cotton and silk blend handloom saris in addition to the temples which still bears the testimony of the by gone age.

The Fort is an important piece of ancient monument in this city. A palace on the grounds has now been transferred into a museum for preserving royal artifacts and heirlooms. The beautiful Ghats along the river Narmada are ideal places for meditation.

Among the numerous temples in this city, Kaleshwara, Vithaleswara, Ahileswara and Rajarajeswara are prominent. Yet another pictorial spot is the important archaeological site of Navdatoli. It was discovered in 1950 and the excavations yielded microliths and pottery.

Indore is the nearest airport, which has flights to all the major cities in India. By rail, Indore is connected to Mumbai and Delhi through extensive and frequent express trains. If you want to take bus services, they are available from Bhopal and Ujjain up to Indore.
One can stay at Narmada Retreat of MP Tourism Department situated in the town.

Must see places : Rajgaddi and RajwadaTemples. Many-tiered temples of Maheshwar are distinguished by their carved overhanging balconies and their intricately worked doorways. Kaleshwar, Rajarajeshwara, Vithaleshwara and Ahileshwar are the temples to be seen.

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