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Resolution in US Senate to honour Satyarthi, Malala

Washington: A US Senate resolution has been introduced to recognise Nobel laureates Kaliash Satyarthi and Malala Yousafzai as “symbols of peace.” Introduced by Senator Tom Harkin, the resolution says Satyarthi has personally rescued more than 82,000 children from the worst forms of child labour; and Malala has promoted education for girls in Pakistan since she was 11 years old and is an advocate for worldwide access to education. The Senate resolution recognises Nobel laureates Satyarthi and Malala as symbols of peace and advocates for ending the financial exploitation of childrenRead More

Atomic Energy Benefits Should Not Remain Confined to Few: PM

Prime minister Manmohan Singh, while seeking international cooperation for a major expansion of country’s nuclear programme, has said that benefits of atomic energy should not remain restricted to a “privileged few”, for it was important to meet power requirements of developing countries. In a function where IAEA chief Mohammad ElBaradei was conferred the coveted Indira Gandhi Peace Prize, prime minister Manmohan Singh said that concerted and collective efforts of the international community are required for promotion of peaceful uses of nuclear energy as widely as possible. “We need the concertedRead More