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Three Arrested for Dewas Highway Gangrape

Madhya Pradesh police have arrested three men in connection of the alleged gangrape of a 30-year-old married woman in a vehicle moving on the Dewas-Bhopal highway, said media reports quoting senior police offici9als on Wednesday.

Media reports, identifying the trio as Rajendra Sendhav of Dewas, Sunil Mehta of Raisen district and Bunty Patel of Bhopal, said they were arrested by a highway patrol.

The woman, a resident of Ujjain, was waiting for a bus Tuesday when she was offered a lift by three men in a jeep, she was later driven to the bypass road and raped.

The police were alerted when the woman screamed for help as the jeep passed a toll station.

Medical examination of the victim this morning confirmed that she was raped.

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