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Strike over Merger of SBI Associate Deferred till July 6

Following an advice from the Deputy Chief Labour Commissioner, Bank Unions have put off their nation-wide strike to protest the proposed merger of State Bank of Indore with State Bank of India.

The decision to defer the strike was taken after a meeting with the Deputy Chief Labour Commissioner, who adviced sorting out the matter by discussion between both managements, said the All India Banks’ Empolyees Association (AIBEA) General Secretary, CH Venkatachalam.

“We strongly opposed the closure of any of Associate Banks and their merger with SBI,” he said.

The Deputy Chief Commissioner, after hearing both sides, opined that to take a decision on an issue as complex as merger, both sides should sit across the table and hold meaningful discussions to find an acceptable solution.

Accordingly, the managements of SBI and State Bank of Indore were asked to invite the union for discussion, he added.

The Deputy Chief Labour Commissioner further advised them not to pursue the merger issue with the RBI and the government, Venkatachalam said.

Other associations which were part of the meeting included NCBE, AIBOA, BEFI and INBOC. At the same time representatives of Indian Banks’ Association, SBI, State Bank of Indore, and other associates were present.

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