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State Heading for Another Year of Drought

With more than half of districts in the state facing deficiency of 30% or above rainfall, there could be another spell of drought this year in Madhya Pradesh.

According to information released by the Meteorological Department, in 2009 a total of 26 districts received at least 30% less rainfall while in 2008, they had received only 15 % less.

Dindori tops the list of the worst affected district where minus 61 per cent rainfall was recorded this year followed by Sheopur (-60 per cent), Katni (-59 per cent), Gwalior (-52 per cent) and Rewa district (-51 per cent).

However, this year two only districts received excess rainfall – Chhindwara (plus four per cent) and Hoshangabad (plus two per cent).

Apart from these two districts, another district which experienced good rainfall is Narsinghpur where equal rainfall took place in comparison to last year.

“We have arrived at final figures of monsoon this year and of course they are not satisfactory. East and North Madhya Pradesh that had received good rains last year have came cropper this year with huge deficiencies,” Director of the Regional Meteorological Centre, Dr D P Dubey said.

Dubey said that while monsoon has not formally withdrawan, whatever rain is received hereafter.

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