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Rs. 739 crore to be spent on welfare of women and children this year

Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh government has increased budget for Women and Children Development Department for consecutive 10th year. By increasing budgets, the government has proved how concerned it is for the development and protection of women and children.

Budget of Women & Child Development Department was Rs. 385 crore 89 lakh 59 thousand in the year 2003-04. It was increased by 5.95 percent to Rs. 408 crore 86 lakh seven thousand in 2004-05. The budget witnessed increase of Rs. 22 crore 96 lakh 48 thousand . The State Government further increased the budget to Rs. 481 crore 68 lakh 42 thousand by adding Rs. 72 crore 82 lakh 35 thousand in the year 2005-06. This was 17.81 percent increase.
The State Government continued with its good intentions. It raised the WCD Department budget by 23.63 percent to Rs. 595 crore 50 lakh 78 thousand in the year 2006-07. Departmental schemes could be implemented successfully with increase of Rs. 113 crore 82 lakh 36 thousand in the budget. The budget was increased by 96 crore 36 lakh 34 thousand to Rs. 691 crore 87 lakh in the year 2007-08, which amounted to 16.18 percent increased.
The State Government showed the same commitment in the year 2008-09, when it increased budget of WCD Department by 33.89 percent to Rs. 926 crore 36 lakh 76 thousand. Thus, an increased of Rs. 234 crore 49 lakh 64 thousand was effected in the budget. Year 2009-10 proved to be most important for the department when its budget was increased by Rs. 720 crore 97 lakh 45 thousand. After 77.83 percent increase over the last year’s budget, departmental budget went upto Rs. 1647 crore 34 lakh 21 thousand. This was the year when the State Government paid special attention on Ladli Laxmi Yojna, Nutritious Diet Scheme etc.
Increase in budget continued in 2010-11 also. This year, departmental budget was increased by 23.19 percent to Rs. 2029 crore 39 lakh 81 thousand. Similarly, the budget was increased by 17.79 percent to Rs. 2390 crore 43 lakh 19 thousand in the year 2011-12. In view of success of Ladli Laxmi Yojna, Beti Bachao Abhiyan, Atal Child Health Mission etc., the government has increased WCD Department’s budget by 19.30 percent to Rs. 2949 crore 30 lakh. Giving top priority to welfare of women and children, the State Government has also increased the budget upto Rs. 3688 crore 41 lakh by provisioning Rs. 739 crore 10 lakh during current fiscal, which is 25.06 percent more than the last year.


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