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Rahul Gandhi Stops by in State

Bhopal  —  Residents at Lakhanpur and Bardha hamlets bordering Uttar Pradesh were in for a huge surprise sprang by Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday, when the young Amethi parliamentarian made an unscheduled stop at these villages to take stock of the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS).

The young leader, accompanied by Union Minister of State for Panchayat and Rural Development and Jhansi MP Pradeep Jain, was on his way to Uttar Pradesh when he took the detour.

Local authorities have confirmed that Gandhi visited then two villages and met some villagers.

Unprepared for their tryst with destiny both residents and authorities were taken by surprise by Rahul Gandhi’s unscheduled stop which was over before police reinforcements could reach the area.

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