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Pandemonium in State Assembly over Virginity Test

Over the issue of virginity test of girls in Shahdol district, pandemonium, including exchange of allegations and counter allegations, marked the proceedings during the zero hour in the state Assembly on Tuesday.

Choudhary Rakesh Singh, Kalpana Parulekar, Arif Aqueel, all from the Congress party, moved an adjournment motion to moot the issue.

The BJP members, to start with, hindered Choudhary Rakesh Singh to make his submissions leading to exchange of heated words, only following which he could raise the issue.

Agriculture Minister Gopal Bhargava, after Choudhary Rakesh Singh made a point of order and the Speaker wanted to give his ruling, stood up to say something prompting the Speaker to remark that the ruling benches perhaps did not have trust on him (Speaker).

However, other BJP members barged in and said that they had full faith in the Speaker Ishwardas Rohani.

Choudhary said that it was a serious matter that such an incident had come to light when the House session was going on. BJP members shouted that the Congress member was talking as if the virginity tests had taken place when no such thing had occurred.

Normalcy was restored in the House only after the Speaker told the agitated Congress members come to his chamber where after discussions, he will decide on the manner in which the issue would be discussed in the House.

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