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Now Jabalpur Boy ‘Curry bashed’ in Oz

In continuing attacks on Indian students in Melbourne, a group of Australians punched a 22-year-old youth in face, telling him “in this place there is no home for you”. The boy hails from Jabalpur.

It may be mentioned that in August, another boy belonging to the state – Mohit Mangal from Indore – was bashed by Australians.

The incident occurred when Sai Ratan Tiwari was on his way along with a friend on Sunday when two Australians stopped him and asked where they were going.

“I told them I was going home instead of disclosing that I was going to a temple,” said Tiwari.

Tiwari, a student of Ballarat University who arrived in Melbourne a year ago to persue Bachelors of Information Systems, said that he was scared to reveal that he was visiting a temple.

“They punched on my face and told me ‘in this place there is no home for you’,” he said.

Tiwari declined to go to hospital and was rather treated by an on-site ambulance.

He also told that when his friend tried to contact police by making a phone call, the attackers snatched the phone and ran away from the scene.

“We called the police. They arrived after 10 minutes and after that the ambulance arrived. I was unconscious because I had lost a lot of blood,” Tiwari said.

He said that he has already contacted the Indian Consulate General’s office which has given him a doctor’s number for any further treatment.

The incident has already been reported to Frankton Police Station. Tiwari is the latest victim of racial attacks in Australia.

Last week, 36-year-old Amrit Goyal, an engineering student, was racially abused by a group of Australians, including a woman, who also punched him in his left eye.

More than three dozen Indian students have been attacked in various Australian cities since June this year.

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