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Mukul Shivputra’s Disappearance Saga Goes On

Bhopal: Just a day after department of culture located him at Hoshangabad railway station in a pathetic dire strait, Kumar Gandharv’s musician son disappeared again, informed an official.

Mukul Shivputra, who is known for leading a reclusive life, was on Tuesday found in shoddy apparels with his beard grown long at Hoshangabad, some 80 kilometers from state capital, and was hospitalized in a private nursing home. He was examined to be severely dehydrated.

“He was put under observation at the nursing home but he slipped away sometime Tuesday midnight,” an official of the state culture department said.

The reclusive musical gem has a circle of close friends in Bhopal, mostly from the art and cultural field. But they too are perplexed at his disappearance.

Most of them feel that he may have fled to some other city. Some also said that Shivputra had never had a permanent abode.

“He is a moody person. He likes to lead a reclusive life and has a habit of disappearing and then reappearing out of the blue,” remarks one of his close friends. His son Bhuvnesh declined to comment on his father.

Last week, Shivputra was found begging outside a temple premises in the state capital but he went missing as soon as news about his “pitiable condition” appeared in the media.

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