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MP CM Declares Assets in State Assembly

Bhopal  —  Setting a precedent, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan declared his assets in the state assembly on Tuesday, the move came a week after he announced that all ministers in his cabinet would table a list of their assets during the, now underway, budget session of the House.

According to the declaration, the chief minister has Rs.13 lakh in cash in his bank accounts, besides 64 gm gold jewellery, household goods worth Rs.1.80 lakh, and a house worth Rs.3 lakh in Vidisha district.

He also owns 4.79 acres of farmland in village Jait of Sehore district, 1.29 hectare agricultural land in Vidisha district and a house in the state capital worth about Rs.23 lakh which he has purchased on bank loan.

Chouhan said he pays an annual premium of about Rs.17,000 to an insurance company and has deposited Rs.60,000 in the National Savings Certificate scheme, besides providing Rs.14 lakh as advance to his wife Sadhna.

His wife, according to Chouhan owns 470 gm gold jewellery while he himself also owns a revolver.

While the ministers are likely to enlist their assets during the ongoing session of the House, government officials are to publish the details on the department websites by April 30.

(Based on Media Reports)

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