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Madhya Pradesh has highest growth rate in country

Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh’s growth rate stood at 10.02 during year 2012-13. It was highest in the country. Similarly, state’s agriculture growth rate was also adjudged as highest in the country last year. State’s growth agricultural growth rate is expected to increase to 16 percent this year following extension of loans to farmers at zero percent, constitution of Agriculture Cabinet, advance storage of fertilisers etc. Widespread improvement has also been registered in irrigation and power facilities in the state. This was informed at state-level review before the meeting with of Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan with Union Planning Commission scheduled to be held on May 22. At the meeting, Chief Minister Shri Chouhan will refer to achievements of various projects and mention state’s expectations at the meeting with the Planning Commission.
Shri Chouhan said that efforts are being ensured that all families get healthcare facilities, network of industries is spread in villages with improvement in power supply, all youths in the state get employment and benefits of State Government’s schemes reach common people. He laid emphasis on construction of permanent structures under MNREGA. He said that curse of malnutrition should be rooted out and there should be equal male and female ratio. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan will put forth his proposals before the commission for fulfillment of the state’s expectations.
It was informed at the meeting that Madhya Pradesh is in revenue-surplus situation continuously since year 2006.07. State’s net loan was 14.26 percent in year 2012-13 as compared to 33.27 percent in year 2005-06.
Last year, wheat procurement was to the tune of 95.6 lakh MT including arrivals at Mandis. It is expected to go up to 100 MT this year. Milk collection capacity in the state has risen 10 percent every year to 9 lakh litres per day now.
Madhya Pradesh will be power-surplus state by next year. It was informed that power generation capacity in the state was 6822 MT in year 2007-08, which has increased to 10 thousand 699 MW in year 2012-13. Power distribution capacity has increased by 65 percent. Irrigation capacity potential has increased from 7 lakh hectare to over 25 lakh hectare.
Industrial growth rate of the state was 10.4 percent during 11th Five-Year Plan. As many as 90 industrial units with investment worth about Rs. 33 thousand crore have been set up in the state between years 2007 and 2012. Work is underway on 122 industries worth Rs. one lakh 74 thousand crore.
At the meeting, Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan also reviewed roads, drinking water availability, education, health, SC, ST welfare and other issues. He stressed the need for providing facilities to village at par with cities.
Finance Minister Shri Raghavji, State Planning Commission Vice-Chairman Shri Babulal Jain and Chief Secretary Shri R. Parasuram were also present at the meeting. Additional Chief Secretaries Shri Madan Mohan Upadhyay, Shri P.K. Dash, Smt. Aruna Sharma, Smt. Ajita Vajpayee Pandey and Principal Secretaries of various departments were also present on the occasion. Principal Secretary Planning & Statistics Shri Sudhi Ranjan Mohanty gave departmental presentation.

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