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Half of Madrasas Students in MP Don’t Get Mid-day Meals: Report

Half of the total 2 lakhs madrasas students in the state don’t get mid-day meals, reported CNN-IBN.

The state government has promised mid-day meals and uniforms to nearly 4000 madrasas in the state, but it has not properly worked out.

“We do not get the mid-day meal. Our caretaker has to beg for donations and then we are served food,” Azim, a student, was quoted as saying.

Report said that even Madrasa Board is of no help in the regard but said that the madrasas have actually faked the number of students and that’s why the funds have not been released.

“The government wants to give mid-day meals to everyone including the madarsa students but there are problems like exact information of madarsas,” MP Madarsa Board Chairperson Mohammed Gani Ansari was quoted as saying.

The central government extended the mid-day meals to madarsas more than six months ago.

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