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Glimpses of Nawab-era art, handicraft and social life for Bhopal residents

Bhopal: Culture Minister Shri Laxmikant Sharma inaugurated a museum developed in Golgahr monument at Shahjahanabad here today.
At the museum, passport, diaries and correspondence of Nawab Hameedullah Khan have also been displayed apart from Nawab-era utensils, weights, Paandan, trays etc. Glimpses of Nawab-era art, culture and social life have also been displayed in the museum.
This monument has been given shape of a museum for displaying Nawab-era art, culture, handicraft and lifestyle. Apart from poetry, handicraft, parks and stairwells, hockey has also been very popular in Bhopal.
The building was constructed by Nawab Shahjahan Begum (1868-1901). The round-shape building has 12 doors. Its staircase is also in round shape leading to the dome. Its pillars are cylindrical and doors decorated. The dome has been painted with flowers of purple, yellow, orange, red, brown and green colours. There is a round-shape balcony on the upper story, which is covered with tin shade supported by wooden pillars. Originally, the building had also a Persian style park known as Jannat Bagh.
Food & Civil Supplies Corporation Chairman Shri Ramesh Sharma, Commissioner Bhopal division Shri S.B. Singh, Commissioner Archaeology Shri Pankaj Rag and Bhopal collector Shri Nikunj Shrivastava were also present on the occasion.


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