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Ganga-Jamna school pulses being exported to Arab countries: CM received serious complaints against the school operators; Now CS-DGP will do investigation

The controversy that started with hijab in Damoh’s Ganga Jamna Higher Secondary School has reached the export of pulses after conversion. Ganga-Jamna Dal Mill’s pulses have been reported to be exported to Saudi Arabia, UAE and United Nation Emirates. Taking the complaints seriously, CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan has directed Chief Secretary (CS) Iqbal Singh Bains and Director General of Police (DGP) Sudhir Saxena to conduct a detailed investigation.

Complaints related to the operation of the school include Petrol Pump, Bidi Company Ganga-Jamna, Bidi Company 352, Tendupatta work at divisional and state level, textile factory in Bhopal, hardware work, sand mining, land mafia in about 1800 acres. Activism in, funding for Jihadi land mafia on a large scale, Donor, about 300 acres of land has been found around the city. Along with this, Ganga-Jamna is also Dharmakanta.

According to the information given by the officers to the CM, there are shops in hundreds of acres of land in the main bypass. Information about having flats, offices and houses in Delhi, Bhopal, Jabalpur, Bengaluru and Hyderabad has also been received. Along with this, the work of shifting funds to other places illegally is also being done. The administration suspects a huge amount of Central Excise evasion by the accused. Local citizens have also made complaints regarding the school management.

BJP State President VD Sharma has thanked the CM after instructing CS and DGP to investigate irregularities in Damoh’s school. He said, I want to congratulate the Chief Minister. Regarding the incident that took place in Damoh’s Ganga Jamna School, it was demanded that the Jihadi Empire should be investigated in detail. I thank the CM for the inquiry ordered by the Chief Secretary and the DGP.

There was a complaint against the school in 2021 as well.

Rashtriya Bajrang Dal had complained about Ganga Jamna School in 2021 to the then collector.

Rashtriya Bajrang Dal complained about disturbances in Ganga Jamna School in September 2021 to the then collector S. Krishna had done with Chaitanya. It was said in the complaint that Hindu parents were lured to teach in the school for a low fee. A madrassa is running in the guise of a school. Girls were forced to wear hijab. Even after this complaint, the education department ignored it.

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