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Fake Currency Racket Probe Reveals Links with Dawood, Ex-Prince of Nepal

Probe into fake currency racket busted last week, in which two Nepalese nationals were arrested by Madhya Pradesh Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS), has put forward some very shocking revelations linking Nepal’s former prince Paras to underworld don Dawood Ibrahim as the two men who are executing the whole fake currency operation.

The disclosures come following arrest of two Nepalese by ATS in the state who were trying to smuggle the fake currency noted into India.

The two men name a prominent minister’s son Yunus Ansari as the conduit between King Gyanendra’s son Paras and Dawood who have, they said, been pushing crores of fake currency into India.

According to reports, Dawood handles the printing and manufacturing of the fake notes while Paras looks the transit of the money from other countries into Nepal and then it’s flow into India.

Paras, who has taken refuge in Singapore, allegedly used his clout to make sure that the money reached the transit points on the India-Nepal border without any trouble.

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