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British Muslim Delegation Visits City

Bhopal  —  Noted poet Syed Ikram Ali’s daughter Remona Aly was in the state capital as part of a four member Muslim delegation from Britain on Wednesday.

According to the delegates, on a tour of four Indian cities, the purpose of their visit is to gain an insight into the social, educational and political concerns of Indian Muslims apart from attempting to project the otherwise neglected aspects of British Muslim life.

Aly, who shares strong family ties with Bhopal, says one of the aims of the delegation was to show that there was no conflict in British Muslim women, who despite their multiple ethnic and cultural identities are free to practice their faith in Britain.

The other members of the delegation – sponsored by the British Council – include Imam Ibrahim Mogra, Sajda Begum and Faizal Patel.

Later in the day, the delegates attended the opening of a photo essay by Peter Sanders titled ‘The Art of Integration’ at the Taj-ul-Masajid complex.

The Art of Integration has already been displayed in some 30 countries around the globe.

The photographs on display presented an insight into Muslim life in Britain, said the delegates.

(Pic: Members of British Muslim delegation at Taj-ul Masajid during visit to city)

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