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Bhopal Gas Tragedy: Arrest Warrant Issued against Anderson

A Bhopal court has issued an arrest warrant for the ex-CEO of Union Carbide, Warren Anderson, who was the then CEO of company’s Bhopal pesticide plant where the world’s worst industrial disaster took place on December 3, 1984, killing thousands of people.

In the case, Anderson has been accused of manslaughter in the Bhopal gas tragedy.

Following the disaster which killed over 3800 people and left thousands of other maimed for generations, Anderson has been absconding.

Many more died after the tragedy because of the illnesses brought caused by the toxic gas.

Anderson had been arrested immediately after the tragedy which happened almost 25 years ago, but he jumped bail and was flown out of the country in a private jet.

He has been avoiding arrest for all these years, since neither US nor Indian governments have reportedly shown much interest in the case.

Anderson initially went underground but was recently found living in a luxury villa in suburban New York.

The Bhopal court has given his address in its order and asked the Government to bring Anderson to India so that he can be tried.

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