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ATR Centres to Be Set up in Every District for Treatment of HIV-AIDS

Following 400 new HIV-AIDS cases reported in 2009 in the state, Health Minister Anup Mishra has issued directives to set up medical centres in every districts so that patients, particularly from rural areas, could avail of medication without having to travel long distances, said media reports.

While issuing directive to establish more Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) link centres, Mishra said that NGOs whose work was not palpable should immediately be closed, said reports.

Director of the state AIDS Control Society Omesh Mundra said that ART centres would enable easy detection and treatment of HIV-AIDs patients, reports said.

“The ART, the main motive of which is to provide treatment and medicines to patients free of cost so long as the patient is alive, has provided a sense of security among the sufferers,” Mundra was quoted as saying.

Reports quoted an official as saying that as the state AIDS Control Society set up ART centres in five districts only, several patients had to travel long distances for treatment, which even results in missing out on regular visits. Also, this causes lot of rush at ART centres inconveniencing patients.

To minimise the travel and other logistical problems for patients on ART, the authorities envisaged the setting up of authorised drug distribution centres called ART link centres.

According to the AIDS Control Society, the state saw 414 new cases of the disease in 2009 as against 380 cases in 2008. This is the highest figure till date in cumulative years from 1988. A total of 3,340 cases have been detected in the state till now.

(Based on internet reports)

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