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719 mm rains registered in Madhya Pradeh

Bhopal: Hindi month Sawan is at its peak. So far, entire state should have witnessed 422.6 mm rainfall against which 719.4 mm rains have already been registered. It rained very heavily in south-eastern Madhya Pradesh today also. Heavy rains have been forecast for next two days due to formation of low-pressure zone in Bay of Bengal. Maximum 11 cm rains were registered at Chanderi today.

Despite pre-monsoon preparations and precautionary measures ensured by the State Government, excessive rains and floods have killed 51 people, perished 215 cattle heads and damaged 7,824 houses in the state. Ten people died in Sagar district, 4 each in Vidisha and Khargone, 1 each in Dindori, Bhind, Ujjain, Katni and Balaghat, 5 in Indore, 3 in Seoni, 2 each in Damoh and Ratlam, 6 in Dewas and 7 people died in Rajgarh district. Meanwhile, 88 cattle heads perished in Jabalpur, 45 in Sagar, 51 in Ratlam, 9 in Vidisha, 7 in Rajgarh, 6 in Ujjain, 2 in Khargone and 1 each in Katni and Seoni districts. Maximum 5468 houses have been damaged in Sagar district, 1096 in Hoshangabad, 782 in Vidisha, 556 in Ratlam, 350 in Khargone, 209 in Jabalpur, 145 in Seoni, 132 in Balaghat, 95 in Rajgarh, 86 in Ujjain and 1 house was damaged in Katni district.
So far, maximum 1184.2 mm rains have been registered in Sagar district against normal of 721 mm. Similarly, 539 mm above normal rains have been witnessed in Narsinghpur, 520 mm in Vidisha, 500 mm in Jabalpur, 475 mm in Indore, 468 mm in Rajgarh, 476 mm in Harda, 459 mm in Hoshangabad, 417 mm in Ashok Nagar and 414 mm excess rains were witnessed in Bhopal district. So far, 991 mm rains have been registered in Narsinghpur, 972 mm in Vidisha, 962 mm in Jabalpur, 856 mm in Indore, 852 mm in Rajgarh, 916 mm in Harda, 998 mm in Hoshangabad, 792 mm in Ashok Nagar and 852 mm in Bhopal district.


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