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7 leaders would lead 11400 km of Jan Aakrosh Yatra : Congress

18 years of rule of misery and destroying state has become Jan Aakrosh Yatra

Dissatisfaction and anger which arose against the public rule of 18 years of misery and ruining the state has become “JanAkrosh” (Public Anger), whole state is worried.

Tribals, farmers, Dalits, daughters, sons, backward classes, youth, there is only one thing on their mind “Remove Shavraj, save the country.

Today, the blessings and praises of people is for being heard for Congress from every corner of the state while public anger is against Shivraj Government. While the public is angry against Shivraj Raj, they are looking with hope towards Congress and Kamal Nath.

Is there a terrible public unrest among the people of Madhya Pradesh, because Shivraj Raj first reduced the income of farmers and when farmers have asked for the price they were showered with bullets.

The future of youth was made bleak by MPEB(VYAPAM) and cancellation of Patwari examinations.

Not only BJP leader urinates on the faces of our tribal brothers they were also insulted by cancelling 3.22 lakh patta of houses.

In nutritional food scam malnourished children was impacted and dresses of 45 lakh School students were also part of rampant corruption of Shivraj government.

Money was also made in the name of treatment of dead under Ayushman Scheme.

BJP corruption did not spare Lord Mahakaal(Ujjain)

Fake marriages of more than 50 thousand daughters was done to fraudulently cheat their money and later files were burnt in Satpuda Bhawan fire.

In the last 18 years, more than 58 thousand sisters and daughters have been raped in Madhya Pradesh, more than 67 thousand kidnappings, crimes against women are the highest in the entire country, the atrocities against Dalits have been made the state number one.

Today the people are eager for Congress and Kamal Nath as loans of 27 lakh farmers were waived off, 87 percent people’s power supply was reduced to less than 100, attacked the mafia , adulterer and curbed it.

Now it is promise that 500 gas cylinder will be given, will waive off power bills up to 100 units, halve it up to 200 units, will give Rs 1500 per month to daughters, farmers will be given free electricity for motor up to 5 horse power, old pension scheme to the employee.

Will give the benefit of 27 percent to backward class, will give justice by caste census and loan waiver for farmer.

In the Jan Akrosh Yata in Madhya Pradesh a total of 11,400 Kms will be covered by Our 7 leaders will lead the way to accomplish

Yatra Marg1 – Shri Govt Singh – 1600 Km, Yatra Marg 2 – Mr. An Yadav – 1700 Km, Yatra Marg 3 – Mr. Kamler Patel – 1900 Km, Yatra Marg 4 – Mr. Ajay Singh Ral – 1400 Km, Yatra Marg 5 – Mr. Suresh Pachauri – 1400 Km, Yatra Marg6 – Mr. Kantlal Bhurya – 1700 Km, Yatra Marg7 – Mr. Jeetu Patwari – 1700 Km.

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