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Agriculture Minister’s scathing attack on Kamal Nath: Said, Thugnath-Jhoothnath cheated the public, has become stubborn in old age

Agriculture Minister Kamal Patel has made a scathing attack on Kamal Nath. He said- Leader of Opposition Dr. Govind Singh has rightly said that Kamal Nath has crossed 80 years and has become cranky in old age. He will definitely lose the election. I am the minister in charge of Chhindwara. We have made the public aware there that Thugnath has cheated the public. The Agriculture Minister has also accused leaders close to Kamal Nath of intimidating and threatening the Leader of the Opposition.

Agriculture Minister Patel said – Nath had said that in 10 days the loan up to Rs 2 lakh will be forgiven. Rahul Gandhi had said that if the loan is not waived in 10 days, he will change the Chief Minister. In 10 days or 15 months, he did not waive the loan of Rs  2 lakhs. It was told to the women that government or private banks will waive off the loans of women’s self-help groups. Didn’t forgive a single rupee. They cheated the youth, said that unemployment allowance of Rs 4000 would be given to the unemployed, but did not give it to one.

Kamal Patel said that Kamal Nath and the Congress did not spare the elderly, disabled and destitute. Told widows, mothers and sisters that we will give ₹ 1000 pension but did not give them pension. Talked about regularizing the daily wage earners, tricked and cheated every section. That’s why the public cheated them in the by-elections. When 22 MLAs under the leadership of Jyotiraditya Scindia resigned and toppled their government and elections were held, those who had earlier won by two to three thousand, won by a long margin of 65,000. It is clear that the public is against the Congress. You can win once by cheating, you cannot win again and again. Now the Congress will be wiped out.

Kamal Patel said – The Leader of the Opposition rightly said that if elections are held under the leadership of Kamal Nath, then Kamal Nath will certainly lose, taking the entire Congress along. Because Congress does nothing except deceit. Ruined the state in 15 months. Did nothing except corruption. Crores of rupees found in income tax raid at Kamal Nath’s nephew. Crores of rupees found in raid at Kamal Nath’s PA. This proves that he has done nothing but corruption.

Modi will not spare anyone who does wrong.

Kamal Patel said – action will be taken against those who do wrong. Modi government will not spare him. Modiji says neither will I eat nor will I let you eat. That’s why those works were done in 9 years which were not done in 60 years. I am not saying this, but the Congress leader, Rajiv Gandhi, who was the Prime Minister, used to say that if I send one rupee from Delhi, it is reduced to 15 paise by the time it reaches the village. The brokers of power eat 85 paise. When Rajiv Gandhi was the Prime Minister, then from Panch to the Prime Minister belonged to the Congress, then the brokers also belonged to the Congress. That’s why we say that Congress is the mother of corruption and Modiji used technology. Get Jan Dhan account opened. Money is going directly into the accounts of every person after opening an account. No one can eat even a penny. For example, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has just started the Ladli Behna scheme. We have filled the forms of 1.25 crore sisters and have put one rupee of Shagun in their accounts to test whether it is going into their accounts or not. In this way no one can eat even a penny.

Congress rats used to eat everything

For example, when a motor is put in a tube well or a well, then a pipeline is put in. If there are holes in the pipeline, water cannot reach the field. Congress did the same situation during the rule of 50-55 years after independence. Whatever development money used to come, the rats of Congress ate it by making holes at various places. That’s why their stomachs got bigger and the country got poorer. But Modiji did not leave even a single hole. Direct cemented lenter was done on every entire pipeline. This is the change of power and the change of the system.

Kamal Patel said – He should not be called Kamal Nath, his name is Thugnath, Jhoothnath. They are corporators, industrialists, they are rich. They run a private limited company. This is how Congress is running. Poor Leader of Opposition is talking about democracy that there is democracy in Congress, but Kamal Nath and his supporters are saying that there is no democracy, whatever Kamal Nath says is correct. That’s why the Leader of the Opposition is being pressurized and threatened. The Leader of the Opposition is Bhind’s water, Chambal’s water. Not afraid. He has said that if Kamal Nath is declared and he loses then… and he has to lose. It is clear from this that the Leader of the Opposition has indicated that Kamal Nath will not come, because by lying you can win the election once and cannot win the election again. That’s why the credibility of the Congress has definitely lost, they didn’t fulfill even a single promise made last time.

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