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The Kerala Story: CM Shivraj announced, ‘The Kerala Story’ will be tax free in Madhya Pradesh

Indore. CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan said this morning that the film The Kerala Story will be tax free in Madhya Pradesh. He said that this film educates and makes aware, children and parents must watch this film. Significantly, there is both opposition and support regarding The Kerala Story. The story of the film focuses on Love Jihad.

CM Shivraj said that The Kerala Story exposes the hideous face of terrorism, conversion and love jihad. The film tells how the daughters who get entangled in the web of love jihad in momentary sentimentality are ruined. The film also exposes the design of the terrorist. This film makes us aware.

The CM said that we have already made a law against conversion in Madhya Pradesh. But this film gives awareness, everyone should watch this film. The parents should also see and the children should also see. Daughters should also see. That’s why Madhya Pradesh government is making this film tax free.

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