India May Experience Droughts: Pawar

Union Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar has finally accepted that India may experience its possibly worst droughts in recent years due to lacking monsoon.

Speaking after being briefed by his officials on the progress of rains, Pawar said that rainfall would be deficient over Punjab, Haryana and parts of western Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

He said that active monsoon condition is expected to continue over central India in next two days and monsoon is likely to intensify over Maharashtra and Gujarat in the next two days and that rainfall may increase in eastern and North eastern India.

Accepting inadequacy of monsoon in several parts of northern India, the UPA Government said on Friday that in case sowing failed due to lack of rains, it would make additional seeds available to the states.

“As of now seeds and fertilisers have been provided to state governments. However, in case sowing fails in areas where it had been completed, then we will provide 5 lakh tonnes of additional seeds, especially to farmers cultivating paddy, oilseeds and pulses – which are the worst hit,” Sharad Pawar informed the Rajya Sabha.

He said that the Government will also stay prepared to supply diesel and electricity to farmers for irrigation.

Replying to supplementaries during the Question Hour, he said problems prevailed in Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and western Uttar Pradesh, where monsoon has been inadequate, “but I feel that the situation will improve”.

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