Feature: City Lad Rafan to Appear in NDTV Imagine’s Kabhi Dhoop…

Saurabh Dharmeshwari

Even super stars occasionally taking many retakes to finish a shot is no exception, but he renders a shot to perfection in a single take as his father puts it. At merely an unimaginably six, he’s already a popular face on TV, with his career flying brilliantly high. It’s Munna of your favourite daily soap – Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya hi Kijo on Zee TV.

Rafan Khan, also Mahi of Bhagya Vidhata on Colours, will soon be seen as Azan in Kabhi Dhoop Kabhi Chhaonb starting on NDTV imagine shortly. Besides, he’s auditioned for two movies by big banners.

Successfully handling the challenge of playing two quite opposite characters, poor Munna and rich Mahi, Rafan desperately waits for shooting scheduled on weekend, informs Ruby Khan, his mother.

“It’s great,” Rafan says when asked about his feelings on his dream coming to fruition. “I want to work with Salman and Shahrukh.”

Aditya Lakhvi, Nankoo of Agle Janam, says that the kid is extremely talented for his age and will go a long way in life and it’s really nice working with the child.

“The whole team likes him. He’s so cute. We play pranks,” he adds.

The kid made his presence on small screen some three years ago with a Colgate ad movie and now is admired for his acting skills by some good directors. Rajesh Ram Singh, director of Agle Janam, opines that he’s god-gifted. In addition, the kid’s already worked with as renowned director as Talat Jani.

“He was invited as chief guest in Dance India Dance,” informs Rehan Khan, his father. “It was at Mithun Chakraborty’s wish, you know.”

This whole acting fever began with his watching Shahrukh of Devdas and Ishan of Tare Zanmeen Par. The kid started mimicking the characters and insisted to get into the business. With no formal training in acting, there is no looking back since.

“We have no role in his success, it’s purely his talent and work, he’s not even taken up a course on acting,” Rehan says.

“We talked with our friends and on their suggestion got in touch with agencies. In very first audition, Rafan was selected for Agle Janam,” Rehan says, ebulliently, adding, “There were some 3-4 thousands kids competing in audition, you know.”

Rafan has received three positive reviews in Saas, Bahu aur Sajis and news papers – Bombay Times, Midday – are treating him as page 3 celebrity.

A class 2 student of Bombay Cambridge, he divides his week between studies and shooting – studies on weekdays and shooting on weekends (Fri to Sunday) – and has scored unbelievable 98% marks in last exams.

In future, Rafan wants to get into movies and want to work with his favourites Salmaan and Shahrukh.

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