We Never Accused Sanathan Sanstha of Involvment in Margao Blast: Goa Police

Backtracking on its earlier claim, Goa police has said that it never accused Sanathan Sanstha – a right-wing Hindu outfit – of an involvement in the October 16 Margao blast and denied that it ever said that the key accused in the case Malganda Patil and Yogesh Naik had links to Sanstha, rather it clarified that the Sanstha was not linked to the blast.

“Nowhere have we said that the organisation Sanatan Sanstha is involved. We just said that the persons who were suspected of carrying out the attack have links with Sanatan Sanstha,” said Atmaram Deshpande, Superintendent of Police (CID).

The latest statement is in apparent contrast with what the Goa government has been saying on the matter. Home Minister Ravi Naik had categorically told a TV news channel that the Sanathan Sanstha worker – Malganda Patil planned and executed the blast.

Ravi Naik, Home Minister of Goa, had earlier said, “Two persons, Malganda Patil and Yogesh Naik are involved. Patil works as an administrator with the Sanathan Sanstha. He has planned and executed the blast. He planted the bomb in the scooter and thus two people were injured.”

In reaction, the Sanatha, on its part, had denied that its workers were involved in the attack saying that the entire allegation was a conspiracy. Abhay Varatak, Spokesperson, Sanathan Sanstha had said,

“The accusation that we are involved in the blast is a rumour. It is a conspiracy. There have been no arrests and no incriminating material has been found.”

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