We’ve Extended ‘Full Support’ to Indian Naxals: Nepalese Maoists

Following months of denial, Nepalese Maoists have openly accepted to be extending ‘full support and cooperation’ to the naxalites in India, days after Home Minister P Chidambaram’s statement about a possible arms supply from them.

A senior Standing Committee member of the UCPN-M CP Gajurel admitted that exchanges exist between the Maoists and the Indian naxals.

“We have extended our full support and cooperation to the Indian Maoists, who are launching armed revolt,” Gajurel was quoted by Rajdhani daily as saying.

However, he, while speaking to pro-Maoist reporters in Bara district of southern Nepal on Sunday, did not elaborate on what kind of backing they have extended to the Indian Maoists.

Gajurel’s statement came following Home Minister P Chidambaram’s remarks mentioning the possible arms supply from Nepalese Maoists to the Naxals in India.

Earlier, the same newspaper had published a report that a Maoist leader had met Indian Maoist leader Kishenji in an undisclosed place in October.

However, when contacted for his comment avoiding direct answer Gajurel said that his party did not oppose the movement being launched by the Indian Maoists.

“They are doing what they think is right,” he said.

They are launching their movement in Indiaand we are launching ours here, there is no need to oppose the movement launched by the Indian Maoists, he pointed out.

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