WB Govt Rules out Talks until Maoists Surrender

The West Bengal government has thoroughly ruled out any talk with Maoists until they lay down their arms.

The state chief secretary Ashok Chakraborthy categorically said that there is no chance of coming to negotiating table until Maoists drop their arms and surrender. He pointed out that under the current environment holding any sort of talks are unsuitable.

He said, “We are not ready for any talks with the Maoists. They must lay down their arms if they want us to hold any talks with them. We cannot hold talks as long as such kind of violence continues.”

The statement came just a day after the Maoists said that they wanted a ceasefire and are ready to hold talks with the government.

Speaking to news channel before he was arrested, Gaud Chakraborthy, Maoist spokesperson had said that they are ready to have a round of talks with the government, this only if the central forces are withdrawn from Lalgarh with immediate effect. The terrorist outfit wants the Special Forces to be moved out of Lalgarh where Operation Flush Out has been underway.

Meanwhile, heeding Centre’s advice, West Bengal agreed to implement the ban on Maoists notwithstanding reservations voiced by the CPI-M and the Left Front in the state.

“This (the ban) is applicable for the entire country, all states and we have accepted it. But how to implement it is the government’s business,” Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee had said.

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