Varun Stopped to Hold Rally in Communally Sensitive Area

In the wake of hate speech controversy, Varun Gandhi has been stopped from holding rally in communally sensitive Aonla Lok Sabha seat, his mother Maneka Gandhi’s constituency.

A report from the local intelligence unit that area is communally too sensitive forced the district administration to prevent him from holding the rally scheduled on 4 pm on Sunday evening.

Meanwhile, on Saturday, a day after the National Security Act imposed against him was deemed invalid, Varun Gandhi’s rhetoric in Pilibhit was again charged.

“Everyone knows that the people of Pilibhit have lived together in peace. But that does not mean that if we are attacked we will sit and watch like eunuchs,” Varun said in his speech at Pilibhit on Saturday.

The BJP’s Hindu-poster boy spent the day crisscrossing Pilibhit and addressing rallies. Despite sharp against Mayawati, he did not come on record about the revocation of NSA against him.

“When the Chief Minister visited Pilibhit, she mentioned my name 27 times. Why did she not bring up other issues?” he said.

The election is just days away now, and going by the crowds he is attracting, Varun is definitely in the fight. His jail time has added a halo to the 29-year-old that he is looking to encash on May 13.

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