Varun: Doctored Tapes a Political Conspiracy

Facing all-round flak for his alleged anti-Muslim comments BJP candidate from Pilibhit, Varun Gandhi, addressed the media in New Delhi on Wednesday to reiterate that the tapes showing him making the comments were ‘doctored’ and that he was a “victim of political conspiracy.”

He categorically refused to have made any communal statements and added that there was no question of him nurturing any ill-will towards any community.

“I have been a victim of a political conspiracy. Those are not my words and that is not my voice. I have not made any communal statement,” Varun was quoted as saying by PTI.

“It has been a malicious attempt to brand me as communal. There is no question of my having any ill feeling towards (any) community,” he claimed.

Whatever be the case the controversy is sure to play on the voters mind when they queue up at polling booths in Pilibhit to key in their preference. And if indications are anything to go by, the queues despite the harsh summer sun are going to be by far the longest the constituency has seen in at least over two decades.

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