Varun All for Revival of Father’s Sterilisation Policy

The new-found Hindutva poster boy of the BJP and party’s candidate from Pilibhit parliamentary constituency Varun Gandhi seems to hug controversies willingly. Lately, he attempts to return to limelight by saying that he favours revival of his father Sanjay Gandhi’s contentious sterlisation policy. The young Gandhi is also an advocate of “compulsory military service” for all Indians.

In an interview to The Daily Telegraph, Varun said that India lacked a strong leadership for 20 years and he hoped to follow in his father’s footstep by offering it to the nation.

Describing politics as his destiny, the 29-year-old fire-brand leader said that anybody who says that they have no ambition to achieve power at some stage is lying.

In addition to revival of the sterilisation policy, Varun’s other priority included proposing a bill in parliament to introduce compulsory military service for all Indians to unite the country and overcome caste and religious differences.

“Instead of people thinking of themselves as Tamils or Brahmins, they should think of themselves as Indians,” he said.

Referring to his recent controversial remarks, Varun denied threatening Muslims, but had vowed to protect local people from “anti-social” elements after three local girls were reportedly gang-raped.

As he toured his constituency in a convoy accompanied by armed guards, he made a clear reference to his controversial stand when he told voters that he was “fighting for your self-respect”.

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