UPSC Wants Aptitude Test instead of Preliminary for Civil Service Exams

UPSC has advocated introduction of an Aptitude Test replacing the existing Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination to focus on aptitude of candidates to meet challenges of demanding life in civil services.

“UPSC is convinced of the need for important changes in the method of recruitment to the higher civil services that are the vehicle for public service delivery. One of the recommendations made by the Commission to the government is that a Civil Service Aptitude Test replace the existing Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination,” UPSC Chairman, Professor DP Agrawal said.

According to proposals, there would be two objective type papers that would be common to all candidates. There would be emphasis on testing the aptitude of the candidate for the demanding life in the civil service, as well as on ethical and moral dimensions of decision making, Agrawal said.

“It has also been proposed that the structure of the Civil Services (Main) Examination may remain the same till a Committee of Experts, that may be appointed by the Commission, goes into various aspects,” Agrawal said during the inauguration of UPSC lecture series on governance in New Delhi.

The UPSC chairman said, “Careers in public service have become more attractive in the context of a better emoluments regime, as also on account of the changes in the global economic scenario. This places a responsibility on the government system to tailor procedures and careers to suit the newer vistas.”

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