Uproar in Both Houses of Parliament over Price Rise, Telangana

The entire opposition on Wednesday created pandemonium over inflation and the TDP members protested against creation of Telangana state, disrupting proceedings of the both Houses of Parliament.

In Lok Sabha, proceedings had to be adjourned twice during the Question Hour and later for the day after three bills were passed within 15 minutes amid din.

Rajya Sabha also witnessed similar scenes during the Question Hour and had to be adjourned but normalcy returned after the House re-convened at 1200 hours.

In the Lok Sabha, Opposition MPs trooped into the Well as soon as the House began its proceedings.

MPs belonging to BJP, Left, SP, BSP and Shiv Sena raised slogans, saying that rise in prices of essential commodities was seen since the UPA came to power at the Centre.

While NDA members chanted ‘mehangai ko rok do, warna gaddi chor do (stop price rise or give up power)’, SP members were shouting slogans like ‘luuli langdi yeh sarkar, nahi chalegi, nahi chalegi (lame government cannot run)’.

While TDB members shouted slogan against creation of separate Telangana and demanded a unified Andhra Pradesh, though their floor leader Nama Nageswara Rao was not present.

Fissures in TDP were also visible as four of its members from non-Telengana areas were in the Well carrying placards ‘We want united AP’, while one of their party colleague was seen in his seat holding a placard ‘Jai Telengana’.

Some Congress members were also displaying placards ‘Jai Telangana’ while being seated.

Speaker Meira Kumar earlier declined permission for raising the price rise issue, saying that she had turned down their notice for suspension of the Question Hour as the matter had already been discussed in the House.

When members did not heed to the Chair’s repeated pleas to resume their seats, she adjourned the House for 30 minutes. Similar scenes were seen when the House reassembled at 1130 hours, prompting the Speaker to adjourn it till 1200 hours.

As Lok Sabha met again for Zero Hour, members of entire Opposition were again in the Well, chanting slogans in support of their demands.

Rajya Sabha witnessed similar scenes during the Question Hour. Opposition members were on their feet even before Chairman Hamid Ansari could even settle in his seat, with BJP, Left and SP members raising slogans against price rise.

M V Mysura Reddy and Nandamuri Harikrishna (both TDP) trooped into the Well demanding a statement from Government on the Telangana issue. They said Andhra cannot be divided.

A few Congress members from the state countered them.

After five minutes of pandemonium, the House was adjourned for 30 minutes.

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